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What is the origin of volcanoes? How did mountain ranges form? Why do earthquakes occur and why are they so devastating? How and where one should look for the so precious groundwater? How did ore and mineral deposits, and oil and gas fields form? Why do glaciers melt and what will be the impact on global climate? This was because we were asking ourselves such questions that we decided to become geologists.

This scientific discipline is often unknown from the public, even depreciated, because the considered phenomena are usually very slow and seem non-existing at human time scale. Nevertheless, the Earth is a living and evolving planet, and the phenomena that occurred during its life are at the origin of water, so important for life, and of the resources of minerals and fossil fuels permanently consumed by industry. Thus, behind a large number of daily use objects, there was a geologist who discovered an iron or copper deposit, an oil or gas field, or exploitable groundwater.

During the journey of the Andean Geotrail, we invite you to follow us along the Andean Cordillera in order to discover our planet through the sights of geologists. We will visit exceptional geological localities illustrating their beauty, their economic implications and the natural hazards they represent. In addition, we will collect geological information that allows us to understand the phenomena at the origin of the fantastic Andean geology. We will also go towards the local populations, whose lives depend on those geological localities. We thus hope that the Andean Geotrail will allow you to look at our planet with another sight.

Caroline and Olivier

Volcan Tromen
Le volcan Tromen, province de Neuquén, Argentine




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