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The corner of partners

Our supervisers

Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff Volcanologist, professor at the University Paris-Sud, Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff has written many books of popular science and has participated to many radio and TV programs.
maison_amerique_latine_logo The staff of the Maison de l'Amérique Latine en Rhône-Alpes have provided us a tremendous help thanks to their very large network and their advises.
planete The Andean Geotrail is labeled by the International Year ot the Planet Earth, triggered by UNESCO and the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).

Our scientific and pedagogical partners

logo brgm The French Bureau de Recherche Géologique et Minière (BRGM), with the help from Daniel Cassard, provide us a technical and document support and provide us geological maps of South America.
loo IRD The French Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), with the help of Alain Crave in Lima, offers us the possibility to follow the researchers during field trips to the Amazon Basin and on the Peruvian glaciers.
Logo Education Nationale The French Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale, with the help from Mrs. Mamecier, Doyenne des Inspecteurs Généraux, and Mrs. Vial, Inspectrice d'académie - Inspectrice pédagogique, provide us a very precious support in the development of the pedagogical project.

Our institutional partners

Logo Envie d'Agir We won the Défi Jeunes Grant distributed by the French Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports: value 4000 €. We gratefuly acknowledge the very helpful support and advises from laurent Fléchet.
University of Oslo
The Norwegian center of excellence Physics of Geological Processes at the University of Oslo is the host institute of Olivier. The director Bjørn Jamtveit supports the Andean Geotrail by lending us a satellite phone and by sponsoring us of 1000 €.
Logo IGN The French Institut Géographique National supports us by giving 15 maps of South America that we distributed to the partner schools. These maps will be used by the pupils to localize us during our journey.
Logo Rhone-Alpes The Rhône-Alpes county supports us by giving 3000 €.
Logo BourgEnBresse The Bourg-en-Bresse city supports us by giving 1500 €.

Our financial and material partners

logo Decathlon Décathlon and its brands B'twin and Quechua has proposed us an important partnership and provide us high quality cycling and mountain equipment.
logo b'Twin By providing us the cycling equipment, b'Twin established with us a partnership for equipment testing during our journey.
logo Quechua Quechua provides us the nous fournit tout le matériel de camping et de montagne nécessaire pour affronter des conditions extrêmes.
logo_la_guilde We won the grant SPB de l'Aventure within the framework of the Guilde Européenne du Raid (3000 €).
logo SPB The insurance company SPB funds the grant SPB de l’Aventure, within the framework of the Guilde Européenne du Raid.
Logo VBPR The firm VBPR (Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research), based in Oslo, is where Caroline used to work during one and a half year as a scientific consultant. The directors Sverre and Ellen Planke sponsor us of 900 € to help us writting a book that will relate the expedition.
logo Flexcell The society Flexcell sponsors us by providing us a flexible solar pannel.
logo Cokin The society Cokin offers us UV and polarizer filters for our wide angle lense and our video camera.
Logo Sordalab The firm Sordalab borrow us a GPS that will allow us to localize during the journey and to visualize our location on GoogleEarth.
Logo Primus The firm Primus sponsors us with a complete equipment for camping in the wild.
Thermarest logo The firm Thermarest offers us a discount for buying camping mattresses.

Our mediatic and technical partners

logo_voix_de_l_ain The Voix de l'Ain is a weekly journal in the country of Ain (Southeastern France). We will publish monthly articles during our expedition
Logo GEO We have a partnership with the geoscientific journal GEO in Norway. We will publish articles in every issues that will come out during our journey.
The Centre de Culture Scientifique et Technique Industrielle (CCSTI) in the city of Bourg-en-Bresse called ALTEC offers us a great support for our participation to the Science Festival 2009.




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