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Our equipment

Here is the list and a picture of the equipment we will bring with us during the Geotrail.

Notre matériel

And of course our bikes !!!

Nos vélos !!

Vélo River Side 7 2
Back bags 3/pers
Handlebar bag 1/pers.
Tool kit 1
Sleeping bags (-15 et -10°C) 1/pers.
Autoinflating mattress 1/pers.
Tent 1
Silk bags (into sleeping bags) 1/pers.
Pots+forks 2
Omnifuel burner 1
Thermos bottle 1
Closable plastic glasses 2

Long tights 1/pers.
Cuissard cShort tightsourt 1/pers.
Trekking pants 1/pers.
Thermal underwears 1/pers.
T-shirts 2/pers.
Biking polar vest 1/pers.
Biking windstopper vest 1/pers.
Mountain jacket 1/pers.
Waterproof overpant 1/pers.
Gaiters 1/pers.
Gloves (short and long) 2/pers.
Hood 1/pers.
Buff 1/pers.
Underwears 2/pers.
Socks 2/pers.
Silk socks and gloves 1/pers.
Chech 1/pers.

Digital camera Canon EOS 20D 1
Wide angle lens + 50mm 1
Video Camera + micro + 10 K7 1
Compact digital camera 1
Portable hard disk 250Go 1
Batteries chargers  
Aluminium tripod 1
Cleaning kit 1
Satellite phone 1
Altimeter 1

Toiletry kit 1
Pharmacy kit 1
Headlamp 1/pers
High filtering sunglasses 1/pers
Compass, loupe, binoculars 1
Wistle 1/pers
Survival blanket 2
Water bag 6l 1
Water bag 2l 2
Waterproff bags 6
Notebook 2
Address book  
Sewing kit 1
Ropelet 1
Knife 2
Handwarmers 2
Touristic guides 1/pays
French-Spanish dictionnary 1
Roll of tape 1
Document and money bag 1



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