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Let's go !!

"Ride on the roads of the Andean Cordillera to discover our planet and its richness", this is the goal of the Andean Geotrail. Along a spectacular mountain range, we will use our adventure to share our scientific knowledge. During our expedition, we will visit geological localities illustrating various aspects of geosciences, such as mines, oil fields, erupting volcanoes, seismic zones, glaciers, agricultural provinces, salt deserts, high plateaux, national parks, etc ... that we briefly describe in the "Geological localities" section.

You can follow us all along our journey via our blog!! We will try to update it as often as possible, depending on our cycling time and the available internet connections. We will send you an email each time we complete it with new texts and pictures, and we hope that we will share our emotions, pain, and happyness with you!


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The protection of our planet starts with a good knowledge of it