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Provisional calendar

The following schedule provides with the rough time-frame of the Andean Geotrail expedition. We will do our best to keep this schedule up to date.

Provisional calendar


Arrival toBuenos Aires, last preparations before the great departure.



Arrival to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego (Argentina-Chile). 500 km.

500 km

01/12/2008- 01/02/2009

Patagonia (Chile-Argentina). 3600 km.

4100 km

01/03/2009- 15/04/2009

High Andes. Stop at Santiago (Argentina-Chile-Argentina). 1800 km.

5900 km

15/04/2009- 01/06/2009

Altiplano-Puna (Argentina-Chile-Bolivia). 2800 km.

8700 km

01/07/2009- 15/08/2009

Inca Andes, Cuzco and Machu Pichu (Bolivia-Peru). 1500 km.

10200 km


Arrival to Lima (Peru).






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