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The Geotrail news!!


21st november 2008
The adventure starts! Arrival to Ushuaia for the begining of our long geological bike trail. See you in nine months on the Andean Geotrail website.

15th november 2008
The great departure. This big day we will fly Air Comet to land in Buenos Aires where we will spend a few days.

From 6th to 13th november 2008
The arathon of the schools in Normandy. We will meet the pupils of the primary schools, schools and high schools of the region of Lisieux to present the Andean Geotrail. List of the schools.

5th november 2008
Meeting with our patron. Transiting in Paris between Bourg-en-Bresse and Lisieux, we managed to meet our patron Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff at his place in Paris. We spent a very convivial moment with him. Thanks again Jacques-Marie for accepting to be the patron of the Andean Geotrail with so much enthusiasm.




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